Kensington-Windsor Terrace Classifieds - Buy, Sell, Free, Trade

Kensington and Windsor Terrace residents can buy, sell, trade, borrow, and give away merchandise/goods/items on KWT Classifieds. E-mail about buying, selling, trading, borrowing, and giving away merchandise/goods/items cannot be posted on KWTneighbors, with the exception of stoop sales, sidewalk sales, and garage sales, which can be posted on both lists.

KWT Classifieds is for Kensington and Windsor Terrace residents only. If you live outside of Kensington or Windsor Terrace, you cannot post on KWT Classifieds.

Businesses are not permitted to promote, sell, or market their goods.

Please sign your e-mail so that your neighbors know who they are communicating with.
Unsigned e-mail and e-mail that's only signed with a signature block won't be posted. Sign with your first name, your nickname, or however you like people to address you. If your signature includes information about your or your employer's business that's relevant to your post, please limit it to two or three short lines below your name.

Use common safety sense when setting up a transaction. 

Be respectful: if you claim an item, show up. If you promise an item, hold it for the person, as agreed.

Do not post on KWT Classifieds about house, apartment, or commercial rentals, sales, sublets, etc.; babysitters, contractors, roommates, nannies, tutors, or other persons or companies; services you are in search of or services you provide; lost or found cats, dogs, or other animals; job searches; job offers; swapping food co-op shifts; lost items; found items; etc., etc., etc. Most of those topics can be posted on KWTneighbors.

Posts that do not follow the rules of KWT Classifieds will be deleted from the archives. The subscriber's future e-mails will be moderated. If posts that do not follow the rules continue to be sent, the subscriber may get blocked.


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