Kensington-Windsor Terrace Neighbors

May 7, 2020
Dear KWTneighbors Members,

During this period of social isolation, your moderators' thoughts have been for the safety of our families and you, our neighbors. But we also acknowledge that with so many people on KWT Classifieds earning a living through part-time or contract work, money might be tight. People might not feel safe about going into stores yet. Some goods are not readily available at the moment.

For those reasons, we are reopening KWT Classifieds. But we do ask that exchanges be limited to an as-needed basis.

If you do need to use KWT Classifieds, we do want to be mindful and remind others to have thoughtful exchanges during this time.

  • Take appropriate preventive hygiene methods to minimize the potential risk of infection.
  • If you are feeling unwell, cancel your meet-ups with potential buyers or sellers.
  • Keep your children away from any exchanges you make.
  • Minimize contact. Keep a recommended distance of six feet apart when you are making an exchange.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Disinfect the items you are going to sell as well as those that you buy from others.
  • If you are tested and you have COVID-19, please inform anyone who you have had contact with, including people you have had exchanges with on KWT Classifieds.

Here is a link to the CDC’s page “How to Protect Yourself."

Wishing you good health,
The Moderators


KWTneighbors is a community board serving the residents of Kensington and Windsor Terrace. Membership is open to people who live in or have a business in Kensington or Windsor Terrace. The listserv, started in 2004, has more than 3,500 members.

The goals of the listserv are to be an online community for new and long-time Kensington and Windsor Terrace residents and an information resource for our corner of Brooklyn.


Members exchange information about events in Kensington and Windsor Terrace, housing and new development, libraries, schools and school construction, businesses, services, shopping, crime, traffic, transportation, and safety. They share ideas for activities for adults or children in the community, arrange playgroups, and meet their neighbors.

KWTneighbors is
a private listserv with rules that members must follow. We are not a blog or an open public forum.

Posts can only be made by residents of Kensington and Windsor Terrace on their own behalf or on behalf of another KWT resident.

Stoop sales, sidewalk sales, and garage sales can be posted on both KWTneighbors and KWT Classifieds.

Lost Items and Found Items can be posted on KWTneighbors.

Send classified ads to KWT Classifieds only. That includes items/merchandise/goods that you want to buy, sell, trade, borrow, give away, get for free, or put at the curb.

(1) Residents can post job searches only for themselves or for other KWT residents, including
former or soon-to-be-former employees.
(2) Employers can post job searches only for current employees who are going to remain in their employ and are seeking additional employment (a sharing arrangement, such as for a nanny, babysitter, or housekeeper).

(1) Residents can post housing searches only for themselves or other KWT residents.
(2) Residents can post about selling or renting their own house, apartment, or room.
(3) Residents can post listings for their own real estate agency or someone else's, but the posts must be limited in number.

(1) On commercial posts, put [CP] at the beginning of the subject line.
(2) E-mail will be posted about classes, events, etc. if they are held in Kensington or Windsor Terrace or if the organizer or teacher lives in either neighborhood.
(3) E-mail will be posted about a business if it is located in Kensington or Windsor Terrace; if it isn't but the owner lives in Kensington or Windsor Terrace, we make an exception and post the advertisement once.
(4) An announcement can be posted once about the start of ongoing classes (music, singing, language, yoga, movement, guitar, art, etc.), a time-limited series of classes, or new classes (classes created for additional age groups, weekend classes, etc.).
(5) We limit the amount of advertising that a business can do. Local businesses are allowed to post one time per season (four times per year total).

Local businesses and local organizations are our neighbors. Comment on them the same way you would about any other neighbor. If you had a problem with the business or organization and tried to resolve it with them directly to no avail, you can comment that you had a negative experience, you spoke with them about it, and people who want more information can e-mail you off-list for details.

When posting a link, include information about what you are linking to so that members can decide if they want to click on the link.

Please sign your e-mail so that your neighbors know who they are communicating with. Unsigned e-mail and e-mail that's only signed with a signature block won't be posted. Sign with your first name, your nickname, or however you like people to address you. If your signature includes information about your or your employer's business that's relevant to your post, please limit it to two or three short lines below your name.

An e-mail can be posted once.

We don't post videos or photos or identification of people who we assume are neighborhood residents without their knowledge because if they aren't members, they wouldn't have an opportunity to defend themselves or possibly offer an explanation.

We post about crimes that have been reported to the police, and we post photos or video that
show the criminal in the act (i.e., not just approaching a building or walking on the sidewalk). Under those two circumstances, we will post on behalf of someone who wants to be anonymous.

KWTneighbors is moderated. Each e-mail that is sent to KWTneighbors has to be approved by a moderator before it can be posted. Our goal is to keep KWTneighbors a positive resource in the neighborhood, a place where nobody feels intimidated about posting.

Keep your messages courteous, respectful, and civil. Personal attacks aren't allowed. The moderators have the right to end a thread. Take irrelevant or heated conversations off-list, but don't send personal attacks to members of KWTneighbors. If you do, you'll be banned from the listserv.

To join, please let us know your name and what your connection is to our community: for example, you live here, you have a business here, or you have a child in school here.

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