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KWTneighbors is a place to exchange information about the Kensington and Windsor Terrace neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Discussions include new businesses opening, local events, sharing ideas for activities in the community, arranging playgroups, and parents meeting other parents. Information is welcome on local services available in this neighborhood, including schools, doctors, dentists, shopping, transportation, and housing as well as on quality of life, school construction, and new development in the neighborhood. To join, please let us know your name and what is your connection to our community: you live here or you have a business here or a child in school. Thanks KWTneighbors welcomes posts from all members of our community about events that take place within Kensington or Windsor Terrace. Membership in KWTneighbors is limited to those living in or with businesses in Kensington and Windsor Terrace. KWTneighbors is a private listserv with rules that must be followed. KWTneighbors is moderated. Each message that's received has to be approved by a moderator before it can be posted. Our goal is to keep KWTneighbors a positive resource in the neighborhood and a place where nobody feels intimidated about posting. Keep your messages courteous, respectful, and civil. Personal attacks aren't allowed. The moderators have the right to end a thread. Take irrelevant or heated conversations off-list, but don't send personal attacks to members of KWTneighbors. If you do, you'll be banned. KWTneighbors does not permit classifieds. If you have items to buy or sell, please join KWT Classifieds to post them there.
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    Buy, sell, and trade merchandise/goods/items with your neighbors in the Kensington and Windsor Terrace neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY. KWT Classifieds is for local residents only. If you live outside of the Kensington or Windsor Terrace, we kindly ask you NOT to advertise on KWT Classifieds. Businesses are not permitted to promote, sell, or market their goods. • Please use common safety sense when setting up a transaction.  • Please also be respectful: if you claim an item, please show up. If you promise an item, please hold it for the person as agreed. Do not post about house, apartment, or commercial rentals, sales, sublets, etc.; babysitters, contractors, roommates, nannies, tutors, other persons or companies; lost or found cats, dogs, or other animals; job searches; job offers; swapping food co-op shifts; lost items; found items; etc., etc., etc. Most of those topics can be posted on KWTneighbors. Posts that do not belong on KWT Classifieds will be deleted from the archives, and the sender's future e-mails will be moderated. If the posts continue to be sent, the subscriber may get blocked.
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